About Siberian breed

Siberian breed is one of the few breeds that were not engineered by humans. In a fact Siberian cats are genetically pure and came to this state of existence by natural evolution over a period time of many centuries.

This beautiful and breath taking breed has formed by mating of wild forest and steppe cats. This is exactly why Siberian cats posse’s excellent hunters instinct. So as you would probably assume they are great mice and roach exterminators.

Pride and independence, loyalty to the owner, dexterity and endurance – these are only few of many advantages of Siberian cats above other breeds.

The Siberian cats of the average or big size, with excellent physical capacities, their force and power are softened with sweet expression of a muzzle. They differ large enough, brawny body: average weight of adult Siberian male (Sire) 6-10 KG (13.2lb-22lb), average weight of adult Siberian female (Queen) 4-6KG (8.8lb-13.2lb) Waterproof wool of average length with a dense, double under fur, with awesome, strong at the basis furry tail and green, as an emerald eyes, powerful paws with magnificent "pants" and with bunches of a wool between small pillows of fingers. Long moustaches and eyebrows, a huge collar are emphasized with power and the nobility. Ear tips have brushes like a lynx. It knows – it is a queen! In fact knowingly, Englishmen characterize a Siberian cat as such, which will adequately decorate reception of queen.

In “dialogue” with people they have managed to show the better qualities: wisdom, steadiness, behind its visible calm is covered confidence and force. Character of Siberians – one of the sharpest easily trained. The Siberian cat is not aspiring to dominate and easily gets along with other animals. Majestic, tender, sensitive, playful unpretentious and hardy though sometimes shows willfulness and not always answers with caress influence of the owner.

These cats are with the big vital energy, dexterous and active. The wool does not require special care, it is enough to comb on a regular basis. It does not roll down and is HYPOALLERGEN!

The Siberian cat is a beautiful animal allocated by natural grace, an enigmatic gift to the person from the nature, and reasonably to select a gift which to us should be protected carefully.

It becomes a magnificent ornament of any house, embodying in them variety and beauty, fine instants will present the owner many. This animal is worthy admiration, respect and love!

The fluffy, large Siberian cat with a rich collar, with a magnificent tail as though on a masquerade has put on a dark mask and gloves of a Siamese cat a light smart fur coat and this effective order to it very much. A mask on a muzzle, paws and a tail can be not only brown, but often happens to come with stripe inherited from traditional tiger like color Siberians.

Mysteriousness of an origin of a Siberian cat is connected first of all by that, speaking about its history, we mix three different concepts: first, a modern Siberian cat, the breed having the standard, the characteristic and unique shape. Secondly, the national concept of "Siberian cat", which are originating of depth of centuries and being more likely linguistic. And, thirdly, native semi long coat of the cat who from time immemorial has lodged in territory of Russia.

The Siberian cat by the full right concerns to native breeds. In it there are no "artificial impurity ", it has not lost natural instincts. Siberians, unlike representatives of other cat's breeds, incidentally having got lost, in a condition to survive and find road home. As well as it is necessary to natives Siberians excellent hunters!!! Butterflies, flees, grasshoppers … a mousy!!! – be protected! Siberians are very clever, inquisitive, and playful, sensitively catch mood of owners, love children and perfectly get on with other pets.

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